12 months ago

Heavyhearted I have normally just not been truly available

I haven't been examining that e-mail any longer sorry. I did look for the files and do not appear to see where I put them. I might have them on CD's and I'll look once again. I would recommend, however, talking with me and possibly making a copy of our report. It had a copy paste of the majority of the code I had actually utilized in it that you can utilize as an example at least in case I cannot discover my files. Also ask him if he has the file as I believe we might have sent it to him to have. If he does not have it and I cannot discover it I will talk with the group, who ought to have a saved variation of it somewhere. Let me know exactly what happens with that.

As for aiming to make a program that can be used for any structure at any angle the program I wrote was that in a sense. The program is developed to just take the Sensible and Hidden loads of a space of set of areas and after that calculates the relevant details had to size the tools like the cooling and heating coils along with the coolers and heat exchanges.

If you wish to be able to really compute those loads in the program it's not going to be manageable in the time you have. Generally you need to utilize a load program and simply get the loads for each space. You can then use the program for each space separately still. The reason the program was designed with simply utilizing those loads extracted from these programs is that it's a huge computation for window loads and load to each area, etc and too much work. There suffices operate in the real design of the system. I hope that makes good sense. I 'd want to respond to concerns or talk more with you on anything so let me know. Talk with me about getting a copy of that things and I'll look even more. I hope I can discover the files as it'll be simpler. I do have my copy of the report if even worse concerns worse.